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What is Vitiligo skin disorder? 

Vitiligo is a systemic, idiopathic autoimmune disease. It manifests itself through the occurrence of numerous skin depigmentation spots of various sizes. One of the causes of the formation of vitiligo patches is the dying off of melanocytes (pigment skin cells responsible for the production of melanin), which causes depigmentation and leads to the appearance of irregular depigmented skin patches. These may form on the skin of the face and of the body. They are most often found on elbows, knees, wrists, as well as fingers and the back of hands. Pharmaceris V offers an innovative approach to the depigmentation problem, based on a unique complex of active agents, including rosemarinic acid and thioproline, which have a global impact on skin cells. The complex protects cells against free radicals (patent), has an anti-inflammatory effect on IL-6 (patent application) and safeguards skin structures against oxidative damage. Preparations fortified with naringenin, which activates the mitochondria and is involved in the silencing of vitiligo genes, and with VDR, which stimulates the vitamin D receptor, promote repigmentation of the skin. As a result, these products even out skin tone and prevent the formation and spread of vitiligo lesions.