Dr Irena Eris Centre for Science and Research

The efficacy of Pharmaceris products is based on a solid foundation that includes the extensive knowledge of our team of experts in a number of scientific fields – dermatologists, allergists, pharmacists, biologists and molecular biologists – and their many years of professional experience, backed up by scientific achievements.

Pharmaceris formulas for dermocosmetics are:

  • innovative
    based on the latest advances in cosmetology and our own research, resulting in patents and patent applications for new active substances,
  • safe
    made of the highest-quality raw materials used in the pharmaceutical sector, of analytical purity, tested under the supervision of dermatologists and clinicians,
  • effective
    precisely tailored to meet the needs of problem skin.

Not only does the Pharmaceris brand keep up with the latest trends in cosmetology, but it often creates them.

  • We introduced the following innovative active substances to our Pharmaceris T (Acne) series: Vitamin K and its derivatives, mandelic acid and hydrogen peroxide.
  • We are the first in Poland to use folic acid, an ingredient we included in our Pharmaceris X (X-Rays) and Pharmaceris M (Maternity) series.
  • We used a complex that stimulates hair growth, FGF + caffeine, and a dermal transport system for active substances in our Pharmaceris H (Hair) series. We filed for patent protection for these solutions.
  • In our Pharmaceris N (Capillaries) series, we patented a synergistic combination of antioxidants: thioproline and ergothioneine.
  • For our Pharmaceris F (Fluid) series, we patented the following innovative combination of antioxidants: silymarin and thioproline.
  • We used a rosmarinic acid and thioproline complex for our Pharmaceris V (Vitiligo) series. This complex is subject to a patent protection for the protection it offers from free radicals; we also filed for patent protection for its anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, a patent application has been filed for naringenin, which was added to products from the series, based on its effectiveness in reducing discoloured skin.

Experts from our Laboratory systematically publish their works in global scientific journals, including those on the ISI Master Journal List, developed and updated by the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI), which contains articles that have undergone an assessment process to be included in the indexes of the organisation. Journals containing publications by our researchers are assigned an Impact Factor (IF), a measure of the frequency with which journal articles are cited in the scientific literature in a particular year.

The publications of our experts have a high IF, i.e. receive a large number of citations from other authors. This means that they contribute significantly to the development of science and that their content is noticed and recognised in the scientific community.
This is reflected in the numerous invitations that our experts receive to present their research results during dermatological congresses and accompanying scientific lectures, as well as by the interest that other scientists show in investigating similar themes in their doctoral and master’s theses.